Choosing normalcy with a side of oversight and moderation.

Vote #NeverTrump and Divided Government

We have a preference and a prediction on the Georgia Senate runoff elections. They’re not the same.

“Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find…”

And arrives at a wrong conclusion about American attitudes toward divided government (Again).

Image hacked from Fair Use Quantum of Solace Theatrical Release Poster on Wikipedia

One poll and six pundits got it right in 2016. What are they saying in 2020?

Six Pundits who got the 2016 election right — Allan Lichtman, Ann Coulter, Brad Todd, Michael Moore, Salena Zito, Scott Adams

On divided government, protecting the filibuster, and voting for hypocrites.

Divided Government will have Biden’s back.

Trumpany Hall — The Donald, Ivanka, Junior, and Rudy at the bootblack stand
Trumpany Hall: Trump Tower New York, Trump Hotel DC, Mar-a-Lago Florida

Moderate bipartisan Senators who could save the impeachment trial credibility
Proposed Impeachment “Gang of Eight”

Re: The Senate Impeachment Trial

As goes 2018, so goes 2020
Divided Government FTW


When it comes to executive overreach, Trump is standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Dividist

Social liberal, fiscal conservative, civil libertarian, independent dividist, discordian provocateur, divided government, bad golfer.

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